Can we move in as a couple?

Yes! At The Arbors at Milford, couples can live together in their own apartment surrounded by familiar belongings.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, you may bring your own furniture and our maintenance department will assist you during the move in process.

Are there restrictions on visiting hours?

As this is our residents’ home, we welcome family and friends to visit at a time that works best for both them and our residents.

Do you have a medication management program?

Yes, we have a medication management program. Residents can chose their own pharmacy or use our preferred pharmacy provider. If a resident prefers to use an alternative pharmacy, the resident and pharmacy must comply with certain requirements.

What medical paperwork will I need?

The paperwork you will be asked for would be completed by the primary care physician or attending physician in the hospital. We obtain the medical history, current list of medications and medical notes. If the transition will be from the hospital, our team will get all of that from the hospital to ease the transition for you. If the transition is coming from home, we will work with your physician to obtain all of the necessary medical information.

How do I transition from the hospital to Arbors at Milford Assisted Living?

Call us at 513.248.1655, we can start the process! Our Admission Care Transition Coordinator will assist you during every part of the process.

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