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About us

Arbors at Milford Assisted Living is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective health care tailored to the personalized needs of each individual resident. The intimate setting of our 30-bed unit creates a homelike environment fostered by caregivers who take the time to know your story, your routines, your loved ones, and your dreams. We understand that your needs may change from day-to-day and are proud to offer a full continuum of services & therapies on our campus allowing consistency, convenience, and familiarity no matter your level of care. Our commitment is instilled in our mission of Helping People Live Better. Come experience the Arbors at Milford difference!

Arbors at Milford AL
Arbors at Milford AL

Our mission

We operate with four basic principles in mind: to restore your health, improve your daily functioning, increase your independence, and provide you with the utmost comfort. The services and amenities we provide are designed to make your stay both relaxing and convenient, allowing you to focus on improving your health and well-being.

What We Offer


Should I tour your facility before admitting? +

What is your admission process like? +

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Do you have a medication management program? +

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Can I smoke? +

Can I bring my own furniture? +

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What medical paperwork will I need? +

What happens when my funds run out? +

How much does Medicare pay? +

What appliances can I have in my room? +

Can you provide a doctor? +

Is there a charge for cable or WI-FI? +

Are pets allowed? +

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